Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did we have fun at Penland or what??!!

AND... How could we not have had a fabulous time 
with such true blue knitters as in 
the Fourth of July Penland Parade?
Presenting The KNITERATTI Marching Band!!!  
KNIT ONE, 1, 2, KNIT TWO, 3, 4.....etc....

Knitting while marching....well....
we knew but did the on-lookers?  
Hard to know.

Our theme song at least clued people in.
AND, WELL.....who could NOT want to sing in such circumstances??!!
How Beautiful the KNITTER'S ART
And endless skeins of Yarn
For needles thick and needles thin
 Our learning does go on 

We knit, We purl, We slip, We add
We twist and then Cast On,
We drop a Stitch.  We curse and Bitch
But still we carry on
(to the Tune of America the Beautiful, of course) 
(Lyrics by Carolyn B.)

and with such inspirational leaders as these....
need I say more??!!

But it all grew out of a  studio 
of wonderful sculptural enthusiasts...
 Including some Manly knitters

And so the garden grew.........

As did the interesting work in the class...

Thanks to all for 
2 wonderfully creative weeks!


Fran Nugent said...

Wow!! What beautiful work and such a fun group!! Glad it was really great!

Knitrageous said...

Awesome all the way around!!!