Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bombing at Split Rock

Split Rockers had fantastic ideas about yarn adornments for  sculptor Peter Woytuk's giant bronze bulls resting in a quiet corner of the St. Paul campus mall (after all, what's up with bulls outside a dairy building??) 

but it was really all we could do in a week to get to all the  knitting we wanted to do together.

SO....We, I should say, they, yarn bombed  more locally making quite sure not to get caught.and on both campuses  too....
 But we really knew we were with our People
when we saw 
in the St Paul Student Center.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knit Power!

When Laurinda came into my Metalwerx class and 
told me on the first day that she had 
never knit before, 
I must admit that 
I worried 
but just look at the great results!!!

 Thanks for your patience and persistence in teaching me how to knit with wire.  I am sure that my 'lack of knitting skills' i.e. never knitted in my life!.....presented a unique and amusing experience for you in this class. I am so happy that you succeeded in teaching me.  I intend to use this technique in my metal sculpting and who knows what else!  The other barrier I have never overcome is learning how to about it?