Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knit Power!

When Laurinda came into my Metalwerx class and 
told me on the first day that she had 
never knit before, 
I must admit that 
I worried 
but just look at the great results!!!

 Thanks for your patience and persistence in teaching me how to knit with wire.  I am sure that my 'lack of knitting skills' i.e. never knitted in my life!.....presented a unique and amusing experience for you in this class. I am so happy that you succeeded in teaching me.  I intend to use this technique in my metal sculpting and who knows what else!  The other barrier I have never overcome is learning how to swim...how about it? 


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Really like the results! -Shaun

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful work..

love the nails..

Adrienne, I know you can teach ANYONE..

Village Books said...

Love it! Sometimes not knowing is best!

Lillianese said...