Friday, July 26, 2013

Everything is KNIT

I am happy to announce my current solo show up until August 27 in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Please forward this to your Kentucky friends. 

 Thanks to the hard work of Bette Levy, to whom I owe a great debt for bringing me to Louisville arranging the show and workshop, the show looked great!

Report from the Nordic Knitting Symposium

I also wanted to share pix from my recent teaching trip to Denmark at the Nordic Knitting Symposium where most participants claimed that they were born with knitting needles in hand but for the woman from Norway who added with skis on her feet.

I first stayed with Kirja Kongsbak, the editor of Gavstrik, the Danish knitting magazine.  What a wonderful place she has where everything is knit, even the picture on the wall.

So enjoyed the challenge of teaching two groups of such wonderful knitters

who can, it turns out, even knit behind their backs....

even with newspaper.  

 Now off to teach at Arrowmont.  

What a summer!