Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Geelong Circular Knitter's Marching Band

The All Australia Circular Knitter's Marching Band
(sung, of course,to the tune of Toreador from Carmen)

"We love to Knit

It's the greatest art of all.

We love to knit,

Any time at all.

In the morning you will find us with our sticks,

And in the evening too.

We love to play with any hue.

We know you'll love it too!!"

And then there is the yarn bombing....

On Saturday August 8th in Taylor Square, Sydney Australia, a team of lavatory assistants, urban knitters and crocheters descended on the heritage listed amenity on Oxford St to reclaim it back into the public eye blurring the lines between graffiti, art, and the role of knitting in a contemporary world.

Sydney guerrilla knitter, Denise Litchfield, organised that Taylor Square’s historic public amenities be covered in knitted pieces. After the event the installation will be unstitched, washed and made into blankets for local Sydney charities.

For a bit of proof that this is acutally happening in Australia,
here is the Sydney Opera House on a nice spring morning.