Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still Reeling

And who wouldn't be from all the traveling over these past months....

Recently back from 2 weeks away, the first 9 days in Turkey where I joined a select group for the 1st International Istanbul Textile Art-Design Symposium sponsored by Marmara University held in the old city section of Sultanahmet and with Jack Lenor Larsen as the keynote.
What a wonderful chance it was to meet Turkish and other international fiber colleagues, participate in the 

Marmara University workshop
Cast Off, 2012

teach a workshop (with translation)

and just enjoy a bit of exotica.  
The Grand Bazaar
Oh, and did I mention also being able to exhibit work at the Nakkas Gallery which was in a 6th century cistern!!??...
(now how cool is that?) 
Spanning some centuries, I then flew directly to Chicago to teach for Vogue Knitting Live!, a wonderful experience in its own right before finally making it back barely in advance of Hurricane Sandy.