Friday, October 28, 2011

Haystack Memories and other thoughts

Ahhhh, today's frost reminds me of our wonderful Haystack weekend not so very long ago when the temperatures were in the 80's....What a treat!  
As was our great class! 

It also doesn't hurt to work in a space like this.....


With views like this.....
Thanks to
Haystackers for a great weekend!

On another note:
I was pleased to note that responses for my recent show, Between the Lines, read something like this:

The show not only demonstrates the talent of the artist but was stunningly compelling.

Amazing and fabulous, innovative.  Cost of War-where are the females?  The works and your vision tell stories that need to be heard.  Thank you.

This display of your beautiful work was just amazing. The talent of your knitting and crocheting needles really express your ideas.  Wonderful.  Thanks you for sharing your talent with everyone.

Sea Change and Cost of War took my breath away.  Thanks you for coming to Pawtucket, RI and showing us your amazing art pieces.

Your work is…..well, I just can’t find a word to describe.  AMAZING?

Our 4 year old daughter was so amazed by your work.  She wants to be just like you.

Congratulations on a wonderful show!  We are awed by your creativity and the works that result.

On such a sad day in our history this was an absolute treat.  Even though folks wanted to touch it is such a pleasure to see all of this wonderful work of yours.  Thank you for making my day.

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