Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Week in the Life

Chronicles by Jodi Colella

Just back from talking and teaching in Minneapolis in conjunction with the exhibit 
Metaphoric Fibers: Untamed Knitting and Crochet 
at The Textile Center up through April 17th.  
Some wonderful pieces in that show and great to see them in person!

Also recommend a visit to Steven Be's Yarn Garage Workshop while you are in town.   
Hmmm... you say, what might that be?  Check it out!

Home in time to bail out 5 inches of water in the basement...
And then off to NYC for a presentation for  
(The Textile Study Group of New York)
followed by another workshop.
Whew, busy week!

1 comment:

grrl + dog said...


You have been busy!

I knitted my first breast and thought of you - the idea you had...

I've been running a knit crew inside a historic house and generally gettin up to mischief...